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Project Rock Education: Learn to play the guitar
Project Rock Ed is supported by local authorities
The Hertfordshire School of Rock is a UK based school music project, supported by the local authorities, which was founded in 2008. The goal of the school is simple, to teach music in an entertaining and interesting way. It's these ethos which have shone through, and by the look on the kids faces you know they are truely having fun.
We strive to make not only the kids but also their parents happy
Hi Neil, What a brilliant day yesterday was! Year 6 absolutely loved it and want to have another go - they can't stop talking about it. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your expertise (and risking the instruments!). Hope we can ... continues ...
Just what is Project Rock Education
What is Project Rock Education
We see our school of rock as a brand new concept in the future of music tuition. We teach students the foundations of playing all kinds of instruments and the enjoyment of playing within a band ... continues ...
Browse some images of our Rocklings in action.
The Rocklings
No rock band is complete without its members, and Project Rock Education is no different. We pride ourselves on providing quality and fun tuition to all our Rocklings no matter of their age or experience, just take a look at our gallery and see for yourselves. ... enter ...
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